Infusion Pump AM-IP35

Infusion Pump AM-IP35 is a 2.8-inch colored touch screen display that is easy to operate and can use any standard IV set and is capable to store 200 editable brands. It is equipped with an intuitive keypad used to make use of breeze and a Last Therapy option used to start up the equipment. Likewise, it is made of dustproof and waterproof and compatible with C7 central station and can connect up to 1000 pumps. It also has a real-time digital display, pressure valve, alarm limits and occlusion etc., to detect the blockages quickly in time.

Infusion Pump AM-IP35


Infusion Mode ml/h (include Rate mode, Time mode), Body weight
Accuracy ±5%
Flow Rate Range 0.01to 2000 ml/h (increment 0.01ml/h)
VTBI 0to 9999 ml KVO 0.01to 5 ml/h adjustable
KVO 0.01 to 5 ml/h Adjustable
Bolus Rate 0.1to 2000 m l/h(automatic & manual bolus available)
Occlusion Level 4 levels selectable (150 mmHg to 900 mmHg)
Interface DB15 multi-functional interface
Wireless Wi-Fi (optional)
Alarm Type VTBI Infused, Pressure high, Check upstream, Battery empty, KVO finished, Door Open, Air bubble, VTBI near end, Battery near empty, Reminder alarm, No power supply, Drop sensor connection, System error, etc.
Titration Change flow rate without stopping infusion
Last Therapy Last therapies can be stored and used for rapid infusion
Drug-Library No less than 30 drugs
Anti-Bolus Automatic drop line pressure to reduce bolus impact after occlusion
Purge Remove the air bubble
Screen Lock Avoid miss operation
Standby Mode Standby time: 0 to 99 h 59 min adjustable
Micro Mode Limit the maximum infusion rate to double ensure patient safety
DPS Real-time pressure display in graphically and numerically
Bubble Detector Adjustable, single bubble and accumulated bubble in 15 minutes
Alarm Volume Adjustable
Brightness Adjustable
History More than 2000 entries
AC Power 110 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Battery Lithium Ion Battery 11.1V 2600 mAh More Than 9 Hours Operating Time is 25ml/h Less Than 5 Hours For Fully Charged
Waterproof IP44
Display 2.8-inch color touch screen
Dimension (L×W×H) 138x131.5x90 mm
Weight Approx. 1.5 Kg (pole clamp included)



It is used in general surgeries and in ICU

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