Abimed is a UK based leading manufacturers of medical devices served in the field of Hospitals, Biomedical industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Biotechnology industry, Education institutes and research laboratories.
Our aim is to achieve customer satisfaction by providing clinically superior and cost effective solutions improving patient life. We hold an extensive range of healthcare including medical monitors, diagnostic equipment’s, laboratory medical devices, measuring devices, life supporting medical equipment’s, treatment devices, accessories, consumables and hospital furniture’s providing comprehensive array of products for Medical and Hospital environment.
We assure quality and reliability of our products as all our equipment’s are clinically validated and tested by our engineers before dispatching the consignment.We have been accredited with standard certifications CE, ISO 9001: 2008 as per safety guidelines.
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Infant Incubator KII-A101

Infant Incubator KII-A101 is a microprocessor-controlled advanced thermoregulation system. Sensor-based air and skin thermo-control allows precise tem...
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Oxygen Concentrator KOC-A100

Oxygen Concentrator KOC-A100 is a 5L continuous flow portable medical oxygen concentration unit. Equipped with intelligent oxygen delivery system and ...
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Auto Blood Culture Machine KBCM-A100

Auto blood culture Machine KBCM-A100 is a tabletop system with continuous swinging vibration culture mode to increase bacterial growth enhancing detec...
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Platelet Incubator KPI-A101

Platelet Incubator KPI-A101 is a continuous side-to-side motion agitation incubator which operates at a temperature range of 4°C to 37°C with 2 agit...
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Hospital bed KHB-A200

Hospital bed KHB-A200 is a standard mechanical ward bed with polypropylene folding side-rails, overload protection hand crank for patient safety. Inte...
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High-Speed Dental Hand piece KDH-A102

High-Speed Dental Hand piece KDH-A102 is a contra-angled air-driven drill instrument. Incorporated high precision gears with elongated nozzle allows c...
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Hydraulic Stretcher KHS-A101

KHS-A101 is a functional stretcher with a provision of four movements namely height adjustment, trendelenburg and anti-trendelenburg position controll...
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Manual Transfer Stretcher KMS-A101

KMS-A101 functional stretcher with a provision of height adjustment. It allow manual transfer of patient onto another location. Features four wheels a...
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Electric Dialysis Chair KDC-A100

Electric Dialysis Chair KDC-A100 is a mobile three-function treatment chair cushioned with smooth and wide upholstery. Motorized motion of chair secti...
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Veterinary Haematology Analyser KHA-C101

Veterinary Haematology Analyser KHA-C101 is a fully-automated multi-species 25 parameter 5-part WBC differentiation benchtop blood cell counter unit. ...
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Electric Stretcher KES-A200

KES-A200 is a functional stretcher with a provision of four movements namely backrest movement, height adjustment, trendelenburg and anti-trendelenbur...
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Connecting Stretcher KCS-A100

KCS-A100 is emergency connecting trolley for operating room. Stretchers can be moved for easy transport of patient from outside to inside the operatin...
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