Abimed is a leading manufacturer of medical and healthcare equipment. We develop products that are technically and technologically advanced. Even for the most complex projects, our goal is to provide excellent customer service.

Our company adheres to high-performance and high-quality medical equipment, resulting in high production efficiency and consistent end results.

Our products have proven to be the fastest, easy-to-use and most cost-effective ones. We are an ISO 9001:2015 and CE certified accredited company. Our products comply with international ISO 13485:2016 standards. All our products are IQ, OQ and PQ Certified.

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Healthcare Equipment


Resuscitator AM-RA12

Resuscitator AM-RA12
Pressure relief valve 62 / 40 cm H2O
Material SEBS
Color Transparent, blue, green

Portable Ventilator

Portable Ventilator AM-PVA21

Portable Ventilator AM-PVA21
Tidal Volume 0 ~ 1500 ml
I:E Ratio 4:1 ~ 1:8
Breathing Rate 4 bpm ~ 99 bpm

Mesh Nebulizer

Mesh Nebulizer AM-MNA22

Mesh Nebulizer AM-MNA22
Atomization Frequency 2.2 MHz
Nebulization Rate 0.4 ml/min
Cup Capacity 10 ml

Feeding Pump

Feeding Pump AM-FP31

Feeding Pump AM-FP31
Pumping Mechanism Curvilinear peristaltic
Enteral Feeding Set Compatible with IV sets of any standard
Flow Rate 1 to 2000 ml/h (in 1,5,10 ml/h increments)

Gynecology Chair

Gynecology chair AM-GCA10

Gynecology chair AM-GCA10
Seat board folded up ≥ 40 °
Seat board folded down ≥ 5 °
Back board folded up ≥ 70 °

Automated Gram Stainer

Automated Gram Stainer AM-GSA10

Automated Gram Stainer AM-GSA10
Slides Carousel Capacity 1 to 10 slides (optional tray: 1 to 20 slides)
Clearance Height Lid open: 565 mm
Rotation Speed Stain Mode: ~6 rpm, Dry Mode: ~200 rpm

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