Abimed Equipment Ltd. is a wholesale distributor specializing in the procurement and distribution of medical products and equipment on a global scale. Primarily located in the Canada, we are a hospital equipment wholesaler with a global reach due to our extensive supply chain network that spans the EU enabling us to have access to a large portfolio of products

With more than 20 years of skill in sourcing and giving excellent products, we pride ourselves on our duty to conveying quality products to a wide cluster of clients over the globe

In order to ensure the quality of our products, we make sure that we only source from licensed distributors and manufacturers to ensure that the products are compliant with EU safety, health, and environmental requirements. This way, we can guarantee that the products we supply are from reliable sources and fit for purpose

Our range of products includes but are not limited to: ISO licensed products, general brands, medical devices, and diagnostic and health kits. Our wide scope of clients traverses the B2C and B2B range, including singular clients, therapeutic facilities, drug stores, and other authorized establishments