Portable Ventilator AM-PVA21

Portable Ventilator AM-PVA21 is a lightweight, pneumatically driven equipment to provide reliable ventilation in all clinical situations. The high resolution screen displays all parameters efficiently. The user friendly interface makes it convenient to operate in different modes during emergency.

Portable Ventilator AM-PVA21


Tidal Volume 0 ~ 1500 ml
I:E Ratio 4:1 ~ 1:8
Breathing Rate 4 bpm ~ 99 bpm
SIMV Rate 4 bpm ~ 65 bpm
FiO2 48 % ~ 100 %
Pressure Trigger -2 kPa ~ 0 kPa
PEEP 0 -20 cmH2O
Monitoring Parameters Tidal volume
Minute volume
Breathing rate
Airway pressure
Power Supply DC 12V charge
AC 100V-240V
Unit Dimension 660 x 410 x 520 mm


Standard Accessories

Accessory Name Quantity
Main unit 1 set
O2 cylinder (3L) 1 pc
High pressure hose 1 pc
O2 regulator 1 pc
Bridge oxygen 1 pc
Silicon pipe line 1 pc
Connector 1 pc
Breathing valve 1 pc
Control hose of the breathing valve 1 pc
Face mask 1 pc
Breathing bag 1 pc
Teeth opener 1 pc
Power supply connector 1 pc
Oxygen sensor connecting line 1 pc
Oxygen sensor 1 pc
Oxygen sensor connector 1 pc
Cylinder stretch 1 pc
Carry bag 1 pc
Cylinder fix bend 1 pc


It is used in emergency wards and ambulances during the time of accidents or to transfer patients.

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