Portable Ventilator AM-PVA20

Portable Ventilator AM-PVA20 is equipped with a 7-inch LCD screen, and it accommodates a tidal volume range of 20 to 2000 ml. Operated electronically and compatible with either pure air or oxygen as the gas source. It enables ventilation modes, including IPPV, SIMV, A/C, SIGH, MANUAL, CPAP, PCV, and PSV.

Portable Ventilator AM-PVA20


Tidal Volume 0 to 2000 ml
I: E Ratio 4:1 to 1:8
Rate 4 to 100/min
1 to 40/min under SIVM
Breathing Rate 4 bpm to 99 bpm
SIMV Rate 4 bpm to 65 bpm
Battery Less than 6 hours
FiO2 40 % to 100 %
Pressure Sensitivity -20 to 0 cmH2O
PEEP Sensitivity 0 to 20 cmH2O
Driven Gas Driven
Monitoring Parameters V t (Tidal Volume)
MV (Minute Ventilation)
Breathing rate
Airway pressure
Power 12 V
Power Supply AC 220V /50 Hz
Dimension 580 × 480 × 350 mm
Weight Greater than 4 Kg


Optional Accessories

Main unit: 1 unit

Oxygen cylinder 3L: 1 unit
Silicon pipeline: 1 pc
Circuit for medical use: 1 pc
Face mask: 1 pc
Connector: 1pc


Portable Ventilator is an essential medical device that provides life-saving respiratory support to needy patients, offering versatility, reliability, and ease of use for healthcare providers in diverse clinical settings.

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