Dialysis Machine AM-DM41

Dialysis Machine AM-DM41 is indicated for acute and chronic hemodialysis therapy. Consists of an access device, blood tubing, blood pump and dialyzer. To prevent the chemical deposits machines are rinsed with acetic acid or citric acid. Reliability and safety provided through dual control system along with multiple pressure, air conductivity and blood leakage detectors. It is a premium quality dialysis machine. Our machines are compact sized and extensively acclaimed for durability and uninterrupted performance.

Dialysis Machine AM-DM41


Power Supply AC220V±10%, 47 to 63HZ
Water Supply
Water inlet pressure 1.5 to 6.0 bar
Water Inlet Temperature 5℃ to 32℃
Maximum Drain Height 1m
Supply Pressure 0 to 2 m suction height
Current Consumption Maximum 0.41666666666667
Extracorporeal Circuit
Arterial Pressure Monitoring Array
Venous Pressure Monitoring Array
Trans-Membrane Pressure Monitoring Array
Arterial Blood Pump Array
Air Bubble Pump By ultrasound transmission, additional optical monitoring in venous clamp
Heparin Pump Array
Bolus Function Maximum 20 mL per bolus
Syringe Size 10, 20, 30, 50 ml
Dialysis Fluid Circuit Array
Dialysis Fluid Temperature 34.0℃ to 40.0℃
Dialysis Fluid Conductivity Array
Acid concentration dialysis fluid Array
Bicarbonate concentration dialysis fluid Array
Ultrafiltration Array
Parameter Displayed UF goal, UF time, UF rate, UF volume
Blood Leak Detector Sensitivity ≤0.35 mL blood/min (HCT=32)
Temperature/flow 30 to 60℃ / 300 to 800ml/min Hot Rinse (recirculation)
30 to 85℃ / 300 to 800ml/min Hot disinfection with chemical
30 to 85℃/ 300 to 800ml/min Various program combination selectable
Dimensions 1380×380×400 mm
Weight 88 Kg



These are widely used in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes

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