Clinical Chemistry Analyzer AM-CA32

Clinical Chemistry Analyzer AM-CA32 is a fully automated, large capacity, bench-top analyzer that is flexible for low to mid volume laboratories. It makes the best use of available space by delivering full functionality in a small footprint. With a throughput of 240 to 300 tests per hour, 81 reusable cuvettes of 150-500µL reaction volume each, and an easy-to-use interface, the system provides a long-term platform for clinical excellence. The system incorporates a reagent inventory monitoring with real-time water blank test.

Clinical Chemistry Analyzer AM-CA32


Throughput 240 – 300 Tests/Hr
Reagent Volume 20-450 µL
Sample Volume 2-60 µL
Reagent/Sample Tray 60 reagent positions
Wavelength 8 wavelengths : 340 – 670nm
Absorbance 0 – 4.5 Abs
Relative Bias ≤ ±2%
Reaction Volume 150 – 500µL
Reaction Temperature 37 ±0.1°C
Cuvettes 81 reusable cuvettes
Automatic Dilution 1:200
Temperature 10 – 30°C
Humidity 30 – 85%
Water Consumption ≤ 8.4 L/H
Printer Built-in and external
Mixer Independent mixing bar
Cuvette Washing Auto washing station
Light Source Halogen tungsten lamp >2000H
Interface Ethernet, USB, RS232, HDMI, VGA etc.
Power Supply AC 100 – 240V, 50/60Hz, ≤450VA
Dimension (W×D×H) 880×650×570 mm
Weight 90 Kg



This device is used in many Research institutes, Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Biology and Histopathology Laboratories to extract the serum, plasma, urine or any other body fluids etc.

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