Vein Detector AM-VDA10

Vein Detector AM-VDA10 is a portable and non-invasive device to provide a clear image of veins using infrared light. It enables locating veins in infants and adults with different skin tones. The risk of venipuncture and infections is reduced.

Vein Detector AM-VDA10


Light Type Near-infrared light
Infrared Wavelength 850 nm
Image Resolution 720 x 480
Visible Vein Size ≥ 1 mm
Accuracy 0.25 mm
Depth of Visible Vein ≤ 12 mm
Projection Distance 200 mm ; ± 20mm
Image Frame Rate 20 FPS
Power Supply DC 5V
Weight 450 g
Dimension 240 x 60 x 60 mm
Battery Capacity 4400 mAh
Battery Working Time 5 hours
Charging Time 3 hours
Operating Mode Handheld and Suspension
Accessories Main Unit
Battery x 1
Charging Base
Packing Information 52 x 30 x 23 cm
2.3 kg
Optional Accessories Portable Stand
Fixed Stand



Vein Detector is widely used in hospitals, pediatric clinics, rehabilitation centers, out-patient clinics, and blood bank centers to ease the procedure of injecting medicines and in blood transfusions.

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