Automated Gram Stainer AM-GSB11

Shape your specimen using advance and intuitive techniques with Single Channels Automated Gram Stainer, created to meet your laboratory requirement. Equipped with lockable lids for the reagent to avoid evaporation. Thank our advanced and pioneer reagent and water level sensor for secured the overflowing of reagent & water in the gram stainer. We keep track of reagent usage and provide excellent staining. Equipped with different staining modes TB AO, ZN, Kinyoun and accommodates 16 slides with each slide tray contain 8 slide places. In ZN (Ziehl–Neelsen) stain, heat acts as a physical mordant whereas phenol (carbol of carbol fuschin) acts as the chemical mordant. The Kinyoun method not require heating and increased the concentration of carbol fuschin. The AO is a diaryl methane dye used as a fluorescent stain to stain mycobacterium.

Automated Gram Stainer AM-GSB11


Slides Carousel Capacity 16 slides(single tray-8 slide)
Staining Channel 1-Channels
Staining TB AO, ZN, Kinyoun
Reagent Bottle Volume 1L/bottle(~600 slides)
Movable Tray Both tray movable
Standard Tray 2 slide Tray
Display Touch LCD
DW Bottle Volume 5L/bottle(~200 slides)
Working Temperature 15 to 30℃
Staining Time
Gram stain 18 minutes/16 slides
TB Auramine O 13 minutes/16 slides
TB ZN 13 minutes/16 slide
TB Kinyoun 14 minutes/16 slide
Reagent alarm Reagent weight & DW level sensor
Humidity 85% RH
Power 350 W
Power Supply 100V/50Hz, 240V/60Hz
Dimension 510×430×320 mm
Weight 16 kg



Used to stain in acid-fast stain for Mycobacterium tuberculosis, pathological and clinical lab
Used in quality procedure
Used in histopathological and hematology laboratory

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