Laryngoscope Endoscopic Visualizer AM-EVB10

Endoscopic Visualizer AM-EVB10 is adopted with 3-inch screen full view displays and compatible with all our laryngoscope series. It provides a magnifying operative area and a clear video recording with 1080P camera resolution for endoscopic surgery. The channel can be tilted up to 135° angle to support capturing and video recording function. Provided with LCD color screen display for observing the ETT data, the data can be saved in SD card with maximum 128 GB of storage capacity.

Laryngoscope Endoscopic Visualizer AM-EVB10


Display Resolution 960(H)x480(V)
Camera Resolution 1080(V)x1920(H)
Display LCD Color screen
Rotation Angle Tilt up and down 135°
Screen Ratio 0.16875
Illumination ≥1000 Lux
Battery & Charging Time Li-ion battery, About 80 to 100 minutes
Interface Type-C USB
Working Time 120 to 140 minutes
Storage 128 G
Power Supply AC 100 to 240 V, 50-60Hz



Laryngoscope endoscopic visualizer is widely used to provide a magnifying operative area in endoscopic surgery, ICU, anesthesia, respiratory, emergency, first-aid, ambulance, remote locations.

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