Jaundice Meter AM-JM51

Jaundice Meter AM-JM51 compact and ergonomic design makes it easy to hold with a display that is easy to read and convenient to carry around. It is very simple to apply and operate making it quick and easy to obtain bilirubin readings with minimal disturbance to the baby. It is suitable for screening infants from 35 weeks gestation and automatically stores last 20 readings for review. Advanced optical design and processing algorithms provide highest accuracy. Provided with an external calibration unit for periodic check and adjustment. It is developed with advanced electronics and optics, adopting Fiber Optics, spectrum splitter, controlled spectrum filter, NFM switching, and information processing techniques.

Jaundice Meter AM-JM51


Display LCD
Power AA 1.5V×2 batteries
Indicator Light Green
Measurement Range 0.0 mg/dL to 30.0 mg/dL
Measurement Accuracy low+1.0 mg/dL(+17μmol/L, rest ±1.5 mg/dL(±25.5μmol/)
Preparation Time <12 seconds
Record Function Memory 20 latest measuring results and circularly reviews recorded data
Reexamination Rate <10%



Widely used for clinical applications for examination of neonatal jaundice

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