Handheld Pulse Oximeter AM-HPOA20

Handheld Pulse Oximeter AM-HPOA20 is a space-saving unit that covers an oxygen saturation range of 30% to 100%. It offers a wide pulse rate range from 25% to 350 bpm for broad-spectrum heart rate monitoring. Our oximeter provides three SpO₂ sensor choices for precise readings. Utilizes a clear LCD screen to offer a user-friendly display for accurate SpO₂ levels and pulse rate. It is powered by rechargeable AA batteries for extended operational time.

Handheld Pulse Oximeter AM-HPOA20


Measuring Parameters SpO₂, PR, PI
SpO₂ Measuring Range 30% to 100%
SpO₂ Accuracy +2% (80% to 100%)
+3% (70% to 79%)
Pulse Rate Measuring Range 25% to 350 bpm
Pulse Rate Accuracy ± 2 bpm
Pulse Rate Resolution 1 bpm
Temperature 5°C to 40°C
Relative Humidity 15% to 80%
Air Pressure 860 hPa to 1060 hPa
Display LCD
Battery Two AA alkaline batteries
Dimensions ( H×W×D) 124×92×26 mm
Weight 0.6 kg



Handheld Pulse Oximeter is extensively used in hospitals, clinical settings, and emergency treatment facilities for regular monitoring of pulse rate and during routine body checkups.

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