Dental Suction System AM-DS301

Dental Suction System AM-DS301 adopts advanced technology which offers flexible, intelligent control system. It has automatic vacuum regulation; automatic pressure sensor provides reaction to supply optimal vacuum power for the surgery use. It is made up of metal. It increases motor speed at 50 to 55 Hz. Maximum suction flow rate is 900Kpa. Suction flow rate is 900L/ min.

Dental Suction System AM-DS301


Color Black
Electric Voltage 220/50-62 V/Hz
Work Rate 1.05 L/min
Suction Flow Rate 900Kpa
Biggest Vacuum 37Kpa
Vacuum Adjustment "-20Kpa
Transfer Speed 0 to 3600r/min
Noise Sound 62dBA
Net Weight 34 Kg
Size 40×44×61



It is widely applied in the field of medical centers, hospitals and dental clinic

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