Colposcope AM-CLA11

Colposcope AM-CLA11 is a digital video system with a high-resolution camera to display clear and better images for diagnostics. The built-in green filter provides images with good contrast. The automated white balance and also the magnification function enhances the diagnosis procedure. The compatibility with any software makes it convenient for health professionals.

Colposcope AM-CLA11


Lens Resolution 1/3" color CCD
Pixels 1200000
Horizontal Resolution ≥500 lines
Image Size 1920 x 1080 pixels
SNR 50 dB
Illumination 0.15 Lux LED
Video Output PAL format , VBS- standard 1.0V p-p
Lens Magnification 12x Digital
Lens Zoom 1x ~ 128x
White Balance AWB way internal metering
Focus Distance 100 mm ~ 400 mm
Work Distance 350 mm ~ 500 mm
Unit Weight 35 kg
Standard Configuration 1 pc 1,200,000 pixels Sony CCD Camera
1 pc Control handle
1 pc Camera bracket
1 pc Footswitch
1 pc Medical trolley
1 pc Computer mainframe
1 pc 19 inch LED display
1 pc Keyboard
1 pc Mouse
1 pc Software dongle
1 pc Power line



It is mainly used to look at the cervix or lower part of the womb to determine any abnormalities in the growth of cells or to diagnose any other problems by the health professionals.

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