Dental Chair AM-DCA10

Dental Chair AM-DCA10 are designed for dentistry, orthodontist treatment. Adjustable into 3 different position for ease and comfort of patients. High resolution LCD screen for detailed examination of patients. It is equipped with one button linkage function to manage the movement of the chair.

Dental Chair AM-DCA10


Power supply voltage 220V – 50Hz
Motor Voltage 24V
Water supply Voltage 0.2 Mpa – 0.4 Mpa
Air supply Voltage 0.5 Mpa – 0.8 Mpa


Standard Accessories

1 set Detachable and cuspidor
1 set Pipelines disinfecting device
1 set Hand piece water purifying device
1 set multifunctional pedal
1 set round pedal
1 set Water main switch
1 set Power main switch
1 set Luxurious doctor stool
1 set Water tube
1 set air tube

Optional Accessories

4-hole high speed hand piece
4-hole low speed hand piece
Top –mounted instrument
LED/ scaler / Light cure


It is mainly used in local dentistry, and in hospitals having oral medical department.

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