Tabletop Autoclave AM-TA10

Tabletop Autoclave AM-TA10 |


Tabletop Autoclave AM-TA10 boasts an 18-liter chamber capacity, providing ample space for sterilizing various items. It operates at a working temperature of 134℃ and a pressure of 0.22 MPa. Equipped with an LCD screen and touch-sensitive keys, for enhanced user interaction and intuitive operation. Our autoclave features a durable stainless-steel liner and airtight cover for effective sealing. The system includes a buzzer reminder for cycle completion, initiating automatic shutdown.

Specifications :
Chamber Capacity 18 L
Working Temperature 134℃
Working Pressure 0.22 Mpa
Standards EN13060
Type European class B type
Quality Tests BD test, HELIX test, vacuum test
Interface USB, U disk
Power Consumption 2.2KW
Power Supply 110 to 220V, 50 to 60Hz
Chamber Dimensions 250 × 370 mm
Dimensions 670 × 560 × 510 mm
Net Weight 48 kg
Gross Weight 57 kg
Features :
  • - Microcomputer control unit
  • - Triple pulsating vacuum
  • - Automatic protection function
  • - Includes open-type water tank
  • - Integrates a steam generator
  • - Built-in printer for documentation
  • - Safety door lock system
Applications :

Tabletop autoclave is used for sterilization in various sectors such as medical, dental, veterinary, research, pharmaceutical, food, education, and hospitals.


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