Ultra-Slim X-RAY Film Viewer AM-ULX-RAYA10S

Ultra-Slim X-RAY Film Viewer AM-ULX-RAYA10S

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Ultra-Slim X-RAY Film Viewer AM-ULX-RAYA10S uses advanced digital electronic technology and ultra-high brightness LED light source with an excellent film sensor, brightness control and power saving mode. It adopts PWM digital dimming technology with 2-digital display and 9 brightness adjustment technologies which can work for more than 100000 hours. This ultra-thin films ideal for X-Ray film, high density digital X-Ray film and mammography breast medical film for ultra slim light ultra slim back light LED X-Ray film viewer. It comes with a dot-matrix backlight technology to adjust the brightness up to 0-6000 cd/m2 on the scanning area. Build-in LCD displayer to monitor the range of brightness from 0-100 stages with additional automatic light sensor and memory function. The x-ray film is with 25mm case and it is consisting of side light with guide plate technology.

Specifications :
Film Viewer Type Single
X-Ray Film Examining 17x14-inch(355.6x431.8 mm)
Type Wall-mounted or bracket
Visual Dimension 360x422 mm
Viewing Uniformity ≥90%
Display 1.77-inch LCD
Light Source SMD LED 780 PCS/panel; 8 000 K CT; LED
Lifespan Light Source 100 000 hours
Electric Parameters Global Voltage Adaptive built-in power; AC90V-240V; 50/60 Hz
Brightness Setting PWM dimming system, brightness 0 to 100 stages adjustable among 0-6000 cd/㎡
Clip Device Silicone clip device
Applicable Films General film, digital film, breast mammography film
Sensor function Separate, Automatic sensing function, plug is bright, memory function, delay power off function
Working Condition Room Average luminance should not < 100 lux
Power 30 W
External Dimension 480x502x38 mm
Features :
  • - The high-efficient and durable LED light source
  • - Dot matrix backlight technology, the brightness area can be adjustable among 0 to 6000 cd/m2
  • - PWM dimming and color temperature system
  • - backlight with light guide plate technology
  • - Offer high quality LCD display for excellent brightness with adjustable stages from 0 to 100
  • - Automatic sensing function
  • - Reliable silicone film clip device
  • - Constant current drive for stable working, and for increasing working life
Applications :

Used in hospitals and nursing homes for detecting bone fractures and defects


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