Shockwave Diathermy Machine AM-SMA11

Shockwave Diathermy Machine AM-SMA11 |


Shockwave Diathermy Machine AM-SMA11 is a multidisciplinary device which stimulates heat generation within body tissues for fast pain relief and regeneration of tissues with acoustic waves. Easy to track treatment with flexible settings makes it convenient for the health care professional.

Specifications :
Technology Air compressed ballistic shockwave therapy system
Shockwave Type Extracorporeal Shock Wave
Therapeutic penetration depth 35 - 55 mm
Shock Intensity 10MJ - 190 MJ, stepping 10 MJ
Frequency Mode 1 Hz - 22 Hz
Pulse mode Continuous or Burst
Applicator heads Diameters of: 6mm
15F mm
15C mm
15D mm
25 mm
36 mm
Dimension 435 x 380 x 235 mm
Net Weight 18 kg
Accessories Main Unit
Hand Piece
6 Applicator heads
Wooden case or Aluminum suitcase (optional)
Features :
  • - Rich pre-set treatment protocols
  • - Live help with pre-set parameters
  • - Transmitter for 6 different applications
  • - Deep penetration gives good results
  • - Effective on skin and muscle
  • - Multiple language for east use
Applications :

It is used in hospital and health center for treatment of chronic muscular and tendon disorders, back and neck pain.


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