MRI Sterilizer AM-MS10

MRI Sterilizer AM-MS10 |


MRI Sterilizer AM-MS10 is designed especially for the disinfection of nuclear magnetic resonance facilities. It is non-magnetic multifunctional sterilizer. It provides the information more than that of other imaging techniques. With unique photocatalytic function, it effectively removes indoor odor, formaldehyde and other gases. Inside of MRI equipment is a dead corner with great difficulty for sterilization, which is difficult to be fully sterilized by ordinary disinfection techniques.

Specifications :
Disinfection mode Hydrogen peroxide, Photocatalytic/ UV disinfection module
UV light tube High intensity germicidal lamp
H2O2 solution storage 6 to 35% (food grade)
Photocatalytic Module Man-machine coexistence photocatalysis
Power 230W
Control Mode Wireless remote control
Monitoring Temperature, humidity, liquid level
Noise ≤60 dB (A)
Type Non-magnetic equipment
Control Tablet size 207×123×9.8 mm
Dimensions 400×420×1200 mm
Overall net weight ≤30 Kg
Air Pressure 70kPa to 106kPa
Features :
  • - Fast sterilization
  • - It is a first 3 in 1 enhanced disinfection
  • - Non-corrosive, no chemical residues and no damage to the equipment
  • - It has unique non-magnetic design
  • - Intelligent remote control
  • - It has unique disinfection mode with man machine coexistence
  • - Broad spectrum disinfection
  • - It is safe and non-corrosive, high efficiency and pollution free
Applications :

It is widely used in the medical applications, it provides information more than that of many other imaging techniques


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