Infusion Set AM-IVB10

Infusion Set AM-IVB10 |


Infusion set AM-IVB10 are sterile devices designed to deliver the medicinal fluid or blood and blood components into patient’s body. PVC provides good resistance for sterilization processes. Flow regulator ensures easy flow of the fluid and prevents leakage.

Specifications :
Color Transparent, Translucent
Vented spike with air vent 20 drops
Drip chamber 4.8 cm
Filter 12.8 mm,15 µm
Packing PE pouch
PE&OPP/Dialyzing paper
Blister package
Features :
  • - Medical grade PVC
  • - DEHP-free and light-proof
  • - ABS roller clamp controls the drop rate
  • - Luer cap(PE) or with needle
  • - Latex or latex-free bulb or Y-injection site
Applications :

It is used in hospitals and health center intravascular, gravity-controlled transfusion of blood or blood components.


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