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The Automated Gram Stainer AM-GSA10 provides fast easy and stable staining process for staining clinical specimens according to GRAM staining method by automated system control from fixation to drying. The AM-GSA10 Automated Gram Stainer features advanced functions and performances over manual staining with simplicity and convenience. It is uniquely designed to provide accurate and precision stain for up to 10 slides (20 slides by adding Optional Tray) loaded in the gram stainer chamber. The atomizer spray used one time prepared fresh reagent to spray on a sample containing slides fixed in a carousel with a different spray nozzle provide precise and accurate throughput. The unit is prompt with its quick and easy staining cycle and high yield proficiencies, the Gram Stainer is a useful and convenient technique to stain gram-positive and negative micro bacteria in microbiological applications. Our AM-GSA10 leading the world's best stain equipment technology by providing advancement in staining quality, user-friendly, cost-effective, and advance inbuilt microprocessor software conveniences in the medical, research & development area to provide more advance and leading staining method.

Specifications :
Slides Carousel Capacity 1 to 10 slides (optional tray: 1 to 20 slides)
Clearance Height Lid open: 565 mm
Rotation Speed Stain Mode: ~6 rpm, Dry Mode: ~200 rpm
Slide Try Capacity 1 slide ~10 slides (1 to 20 slides by adding Optional Tray)
Tray Rotation Speed Approx., 6RPM (Stain Mode) / Approx. 200 RPM (DRY Mode)
Injection method of Reagents Trickle down to the slides (from nozzle)
Used Reagent Crystal Violet / Gram-lodine / Acetone Alcohol / Safranine
Consumption of reagent Approx. 1.2 - 1.8 ml / slide
Operating Control Operated with user-friendly 6 functional key modes(Stain, Prime, Clean, Dry, Reset, up & down slide)
Staining Time For 10 Slides: 13 minutes (optional: For 20 Slides: 18 minutes)
Display 4 line LCD display, 20 character alpha-numeric
Staining process GRAM Positive stain → Mordanting → Decolorizing → GRAM Negative stain → Washing & Dry
Basic Function Staining, Auto washing & drying, Set Quantity of slides,
Special Function Set of staining method and time (Injection, Waiting)
Monitoring the level of reagent separate LED display and Alarm
Drain Nipple on rear Panel
Safety   Lid must be closed, and is locked down during operation 
Features :
  • - This innovative with compact design automated gram stainer capable of staining up to 10 slides (optional 20 slides along with optional tray available) uniformly stained within in a couple of minutes
  • - The device comes with self-contained and more convenient staining reagent kits for our innovative stainer AM-GSA10
  • - Staining control with a microprocessor is built with advanced software for flexibility in stain application
  • - Offer high-quality and excellent adhesive features microscopic slides for longer adhesion of sample without any cross-contamination
  • - The front operative panel provides easy regulation and adjustment for rapid loading with the carousel button
  • - Provide automatic cleaning system for easy and maintainers free for tray cleaning
  • - Prevent falling of the sample slides by fixing slides horizontally inside the automated stain chamber
  • - Avoid excess use of the reagent by allowing the reagent to go along the plastic tubing through the carousel inside the chamber with total reagent consumption of 1.2 to 1.8 ml per slide
  • - The unit comes with six functional key control including Stain, Prime, Clean, Dry, Reset, Up & Down stains for quick and manual free staining
  • - The unit prompt with easy 7 to 8 steps processing: Staining process with allowing the first GRAM Positive stain following by mordant chemical dye like iodine solution, applying the decolorizing reagent to achieve gram-negative stain by washing with DW and let the slide for drying to take the sample result under microscope
  • - Our automatic stainer allows stain time for a single cycle of 8 to 15 minutes, and it varied by a set of time
Standard Accessories :

1L Reagent Bottle(1set)
5L Water bottle
Reagent Container
Reagent Container cable
Reagent Container cable
Power cord
Drain hose
Reagent connection Tube
Users manual
Quick installation and users guide
Spare fuse
Carbon filer

Applications :

The Automated Gram Stainer used in positive and negative gram staining in R&D, microbiological and clinical diagnostic applications


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