Colposcope AM-CLA13

Colposcope AM-CLA13 |


Colposcope AM-CLA13 is an optical system with a microscope to display clear and better images for diagnosis. The built-in green filter provides images with good contrast. The 5 step magnification gives detailed images for better examination.

Specifications :
Magnification of Eyepiece 16x
View Angle 0° ~ 45°
IPD Range 50mm ~ 80mm
Focal Length of Object F=230 mm and F=280 mm
SNR 48 dB
Illumination 0.4 Lux LED
Video Output Signal of NTSC / PAL video
Lens Magnification 4x ~ 25x
5- Steps Magnification Changes 0.4x, 0.6x, 1x, 1.6x, 2.5x
Diopter Adjustment ± 5D
Fine Tuning ± 9 mm
White Balance Automatic Adjustment
Work Distance 250 mm ~ 350 mm
Field of View 8.8 mm ~ 55 mm
Unit Weight 50 kg
Standard Configuration 1 pc Optical microscope
1 pc Microscope holder
1 pc Power line
Features :
  • - Convenient system operating interface
  • - Synchronous operation between microscope and screen of computer
  • - Built-in Blue and Green filters
  • - Better lighting source of 10W cold light source
  • - Multifunctional operations for gynecology, diagnosis, treatment, surgery, record etc.
  • - Easy records of image Database and management in the computer
Applications :

It is mainly used to look at the cervix or lower part of the womb to determine any abnormalities in the growth of cells or to diagnose any other problems by the health professionals.


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