Catheters AM-CA16

Catheters AM-CA16 |


Catheters AM-CA16 is a medical device designed to be inserted into a body cavity, vessel or duct for administration of fluids, medications and to drain fluids or urine from their body. Color code makes it easy for identification of size. It provides long-term catherization and protection against urethral irritation.

Specifications :
Site of Treatment Used for patients suffering from bladder problems.
Suction tube length 40 cm
Size Fr12 - Fr40
Carton size 52 × 43 × 47.5 cm
Features :
  • - Made from natural latex make it skin friendly
  • - Silicone coated
  • - Steam is connected to bile bag
Applications :

It is used in hospitals for patients with urinary incontinence and surgical operation. Also used in homecare for patient with long term ill-ness.


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